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Skin lightening treatment is a process that lightens and brightens naturally dark skin. Accumulation of melanin in the skin is responsible for causing dark patches. The process of skin lightening reduces the melanin pigment in the skin and gives it a lighter complexion. Skin lightening treatment cures uneven skin toned, dark patches, dark spots, freckles, acne marks and tanned and dull skin.

Treatment FAQs

1. What methods are available for skin lightening?

There are several methods by which skin lightening treatment can be done. The most common ones are listed below:

1. Chemical peel

2. Laser toning

3. Injections

4. Skin lightening products


2. How do I select the right treatment method?

You can visit us for a consultation and our expert skin specialist will recommend the best fit as per diagnosis.

3. Is skin lightening treatment safe?

All treatments are perfectly safe and pain-free. Also, all our equipments used for treatment are US FDA approved.

4. How many sessions are required?

Generally, to get optimum results, you will need an average of six sessions and each session happens at an interval of two weeks. The duration of each session would be 30 minutes.       


5. How do I get started if I am looking for this treatment?

You can                                     with our skin specialist as per your preferred date.

Alternately, you can call us at 8691922225 for Thane clinic or 8108922227 for Kalyan clinic and our staff will assist you in scheduling a consultation.

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